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Our Story


We are a small family business who have been making deliciously fresh artisan sandwiches, salads & office catering in our Smithfield kitchen since 2005. During that time, we’ve enjoyed the fruits of the Celtic Tiger in our early days, the bust of the recession that followed the emergence of a new generation of health-conscious Ireland and of course the bittersweet Covid which forced us to put down our butter knives & stop for a while.

Since Covid we have been busier than ever We have recently moved to a bigger production unit & we are very excited that we will be able to bring our bespoke food to a bigger customer base. We have the most awesome team in our kitchen who are engine who keep the wheels on the business rolling everyday.

We partner with great likeminded Irish producers who we use for all our produce, from our breads to our mayo, our relishes to our meats/ vegetables & cheeses, all delivered in compostable or recyclable packaging every day with a smile! 

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Gluten Free

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